Resolve a Car Key Crisis Anytime

Being locked out of your car is no laughing matter. Keys have a way of going missing at the most inopportune of times – on the way to work or an important meeting; picking up the kids from school; or heading to the airport. In a city as large and hectic as Sydney, it’s no small feat to get around at late notice – unless, of course, you’re willing to pay a small fortune for taxi services. Looking to find a reasonably-priced, professionally-trained automotive locksmith in Sydney who can be there just as fast? Look no further!

Car Locksmith Sydney has all your automotive needs keyed in and locked down: no matter the situation, we possess the necessary expertise to help you rectify it. Here are just a couple of examples of what we do:

Broken Key

Sometimes a key may snap off and firmly lodge itself in a lock, rendering both lock and key unusable. We have precisely the finely-tuned instruments needed to a) extract the broken key from the depths of the lock, and b) use the aforementioned broken key to craft a brand new one. We can even craft a whole new set, so you’ll never get stuck in such a jam again!

Stolen Key

In the awful case of a stolen set of car keys, don’t despair: we remove all traces of the key’s unique prints from the motor vehicle database, rendering them useless to the thief who stole them.

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